Taraz NIS celebrated Teacher’s day

On the eve of the Teacher’s day celebration, a number of teachers of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Taraz were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks for their contribution to the development of education.

More than 30 teachers at the school got the recognition of the akim of Zhambyl oblast B. Saparbayev, the regional branch of the party “Nur Otan”, President of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” K. Shamshidinova, the regional office of education, Center of pedagogical skills in Taraz, the regional educational-methodical cabinet.

On a significant day, teachers were expected not only to receive awards but also to receive creative online greetings from school students. They expressed their sincere congratulations in the form of poems and dances, warm wishes and performances. And most importantly, in their eyes, teachers were able to see a great desire to return to the walls of their native school as soon as possible.