Principal’s greeting


Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome You to the website of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Taraz!

We hope that our web resource will give You the opportunity to learn about the school from various angles, get acquainted with its history, main documents, various aspects of the educational process, achievements and successes.The main principle of building a school’s pedagogical system is a student orientation. To reveal and promote the development of intellectual, creative, physical and social abilities of the child, to give a good nurture – this is the goal, to achievement of which, all the school’s teaching staff efforts are dedicated.

By becoming a member of the Council of international schools (CIS), we were able to confirm our compliance with international standards for the organization of school life and the educational process. Joining the CIS community opens up broad prospects for development and continuous self-improvement. This, in turn, proves that the school strives to achieve a high quality of education.

In addition, we are proud to be members of the Kazakhstan national federation of UNESCO clubs, which promotes the development of a peaceful society, science and culture. As members of the club, our students take an active part in all its initiatives and projects.

Dear guys, we want the education at the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Taraz to become a launching pad for your achievements. Our common task is to identify your strengths and help you show your abilities. We believe in your dream and will do everything to make it come true.

Dear parents, thank you so much for your trust, support, and understanding of the importance of connecting family and school. We are well aware that without mutual trust and coordination of actions of teachers, parents and administration, it is impossible to achieve high results in the development and nurturing of children. We are always open for a constructive dialogue and cooperation with you!



Timur Nurkeshov

NIS Komek Taraz

Техническая консультация НИШ ФМН г.Тараз. Выберите удобный для Вас способ связи.

Мы на связи и отвечаем в течение 15 минут
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