Library of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Taraz

 Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Taraz opened its doors to students on July 4, 2013. The library started functioning together with the school.  The main task of the library is to provide information resources for both school students and teachers. At the same time, the library is a modern multifunctional media center, the purpose of which is to promote the development of creative abilities and communication skills among students, the promotion of reading among students, the formation of information literacy, information worldview and information culture among students.

The library in the traditional format of education can serve about 500 readers a day and offers a wide range of fiction, popular science, educational and additional literature in three languages. Readers can find any literature they like, from classics to modernity. The total fund of the library is 26,703 books. Of these, 5,422 books of fiction in three languages, 13,754 books of educational literature, 290 electronic editions and 7,237 literature are methodological, supplementary, as well as popular scientific publications.

Also here you can find the necessary information not only on paper, but also on electronic media. The library has a reading room that allows students to spend time usefully. The importance of information literacy and a broad outlook is increasing every day, so students are given the opportunity to use laptops for educational purposes in the library.

In order to form and promote the development of functional, reading and information literacy of the school community, the library regularly conducts and implements library lessons, promotions, events and projects.


Bookcrossing is an annual social campaign of donating read books to libraries of secondary schools and orphanages from the entire school community, held on the eve of the holidays President’s Day and Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The aim of the project is to promote reading, increase interest in books, and revive interest in reading. During the month, every student, teacher, and school employee brings an interesting book from home that they want to share. Students write short essays, recommendations, book reviews, and wishes to their peers. All this is colorfully decorated. Then a group of students, curators, librarians is created to go to secondary schools or orphanages. During the trip to schools, students recommend books that have influenced their worldview, aroused interest in reading, talk about their achievements and goals.

The project “100 books recommended for reading by students of Intellectual schools” is aimed at increasing interest in reading books, fostering sustainable reading skills, assisting in the formation and development of readers’ taste, identifying the best readers and awarding them. The list of 100 books recommended for reading by students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools includes 60 famous works of Kazakh classics and 40 masterpieces of world literature (foreign and Russian classics).

The project is also aimed at supporting trilingual education, studying the history, culture of one’s people and fostering tolerance to another culture through reading literature in Kazakh, Russian and English.

READx is a project that combines the exciting performances of several speakers together, thereby attracting the attention of viewers to the relevance of the topic of reading, instilling love for the culture of reading. The purpose of the speakers is to interest the audience in their performance, so that the audience wants to read this book at the same moment.

The format of the READx project combines traditional and modern approaches to promoting reading – a reader’s benefit and an independently organized TEDx event.  The project involves 5 speakers – these can be students, teachers, educators, curators, school staff, guests and parents. The read books of the speakers are exhibited in the assembly hall at individual exhibitions.

The Edible Books Festival is an annual event held at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. The event is held as part of the International Edible Book Festival. It has been celebrated in different countries of the world since 2000 on the initiative of Judith Hoffberg and Beatrice Koron.

The festival is aimed at developing the culture of students’ reading and spiritual values. The joint participation of students, their parents and teachers in the festival contributes to the development of cooperation between them.

On the Day of the festival, it is customary first of all to create and put on public display edible books. According to the terms of participation, all edible books must be “bookish”, that is, resemble a real book at least in form.

The Book will Conquer the World project is an annual event held on April 23 on the eve of the World Book and Copyright Day with the aim of educating spiritual and cultural values, developing creative abilities in the younger generation, as well as reminding about the value of books as information carriers, history, the foundations of education and creativity. With the help of a questionnaire, librarians collect information about students’ favorite books, and then students choose a “secret friend” by drawing lots, to whom he will present the book.

The Memoro project gives an opportunity to a new generation to learn history firsthand, to preserve useful and important information and experience of past generations, culture and identity of peoples. The essence of the activity is that the younger generation becomes a collector of memories, records the memories of adults about the past in the format of a short 5-minute video interview and puts it on the Internet.

Rules for using the library:   

  • Take care of books, other printed works and materials obtained from the library’s collections, do not make blots in them, do not tear out or bend the pages;
  • Do not spoil the barcode label;
  • Do not remove cards from catalogs and card files;
  • Do not violate the arrangement of books and other documents in open access funds;
  • Keep quiet: do not talk loudly in the library, use mobile phones; you can not enter in outerwear or bring it with you, move furniture or other actions to attract the attention of other readers;
  • Take care of the library premises, furniture and equipment installed in it, maintain cleanliness and order in the library;
  • Do not take books and other materials out of the library premises unless they are recorded in the reader’s form or other accounting documents;
  • Return materials received from the funds within the deadlines set by the library;
  • Annually re-register readers’ forms with mandatory presentation of all the literature listed for them within the time limits set by the library;
  • Inform the library about the change of surname, place of residence, contact phone number;
  • Upon leaving school, return all the publications listed for them to the library no later than 3 days in advance and sign a bypass sheet;
  • Upon receipt of books, other printed works and other materials, readers should carefully review them and, if any defects are found, inform the librarian about it, otherwise the reader who uses the publication last bears responsibility for the damage of books.;
  • It is impossible to exchange identical publications with other readers, since when returning to the library, the librarian will write off the publication by barcode from the reader to whom it was issued.

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