100 Kazakh songs

The aim of the project is to improve the understanding and practice of the Kazakh language by students, the development of Kazakhstani patriotism through the national music and traditions, the formation of musical culture and the spiritual -moral development of students.  The lyrics of 16 songs were included in the collection “Қазақ әндері” in the Kazakh language, which forms national, family, and universal values.  Students study the history of song creation, learn song lyrics, perform at the training camps, curatorial and shanyrak hours to implement this project. Shanyrak participates in the competition for the best song performance among other Shanyraks.

NIS Komek Taraz

Техническая консультация НИШ ФМН г.Тараз. Выберите удобный для Вас способ связи.

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