About dormitory

The dormitory of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Taraz has been functioning since 2013. The total area of the dormitory is 1,419. 2 m2 and is designed for 132 places. There are 33 rooms in total and 4 children live in each room. The rooms meet all modern requirements and sanitary standards. Each room has a bathroom, shower, water heater. Each floor has a cozy living room, TV, laptops, Internet access.

Pupils are provided with comprehensive measures for health protection, high-quality organization of medical care. There is a separate medical unit, which includes: reception room, treatment room and isolation room. Students of the dormitory are under the supervision of 3 nurses around the clock.

During the year, the staff of the psychological service provides psychological support to pupils and their parents during the adaptation period and the educational process.

The activities of the dormitory are carried out with strict observance of the daily schedule. A rational daily routine ensures a high level of efficiency and vital activity of pupils.

For children living in the dormitory, five meals a day are provided in the canteen.

Teachers with higher pedagogical education work in the dormitory. After the end of the lessons, teachers take students to the dormitory, organize meals in the canteen in a timely manner, rest, outdoor walks, high-quality leisure, participation in additional classes at school, group work, educational activities according to the approved annual plan, work with strict compliance with the daily routine.

In the dormitory, joint work is carried out with parents, which has a positive effect on the overall educational work.

The dormitory has a system to ensure the safe arrival/departure of students to the dormitory and home on weekends and holidays.

NIS Komek Taraz

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