The safety of an educational institution is a set of measures aimed at preserving the life and health of students and employees, as well as the material values of an educational institution from possible accidents, fires, accidents and other emergencies.

Our school is equipped with modern security and fire alarm systems that ensure the safety of students and a sufficiently high level of protection of the school during its construction. The school building is equipped with an alarm button, as well as a fire alarm system.

There is a round-the-clock duty at the school. Every day, when entering and exiting the school grounds, students and school staff use the biometric face recognition system “Face ID”. The entrance to the school of visitors is carried out upon presentation of an identity document with an explanation of the purpose of the visit and registration in the journal.

The school regularly conducts classes on the study of traffic rules, on the basics of life safety, first aid classes, educational evacuation of students and employees from school.

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