The project “Kazakh Wikipedia” was launched in June 2011. By April 2013, the number of published articles had already exceeded the 200 thousand mark. Every month, the pages of the Kazakh Wikipedia are viewed about eight million times. The number of active users involved in writing and editing articles has grown from ten to 500 people. Thanks to this, in the ranking of Wikipedia languages, the Kazakh language rose from 125 to 33 position and became one of the forty so-called “mature” Wikipedia with 200 thousand or more articles. According to the results of the international Wikimania conference (Wikimania-2011), held in August in the Israeli city of Haifa, the Kazakhstan WikiBilim Foundation was named Wikipedia of the Year (Global Wikipedian 2011), and also received a personal grant from the founder of the global online encyclopedia Jimmy Wales. In Kazakhstan, the WikiBilim Foundation is working on the creation of school “Wiki” and “TED” clubs, developing such projects as “Kazaksha Weekipedia”, “Open Library of Kazakhstan”, “Universal Dictionary of the Kazakh language”, “Audio Textbook of Kazakh Literature”, lectures of the TED conference, replicated under the slogan “Ideas worthy of dissemination”. Students of Intellectual schools participating in the project are engaged in creating and editing articles outside the school curriculum, discussing “wiki” technologies, the possibilities of their use in self-education and in the classroom.

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