Vision, mission, motto, values


We are open-minded Global Citizens who appreciate history and traditions of our nation and others, understand the global problems and collaborate to solve them in local and global arena to contribute to a better future.

Global citizenship

Global citizenship means a respect for human rights, diversity and other cultures.

Global citizen

Global citizen  is a person who is open to work with others and participates  in making the world a better place through positive interactions and a sharing of knowledge and abilities to help resolve issues and problems on a local and global stage issues and problems on a local and global stage

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is the ability to use digital information in daily life as well as synthesizing and applying innovations in the field of information and digital technology in accordance with the principles of online etiquette.

High quality teaching and learning

High quality teaching and learning to ensure quality learning and teaching we strive to create a supportive, intellectual environment with the use of effective educational technologies:

– achievement of Learning Objectives;

– the effectiveness of methods;

– constructive feedback;

-students’ engagement in the lessons;

– friendly learning environment (safety and psychological climate)

NIS Komek Taraz

Техническая консультация НИШ ФМН г.Тараз. Выберите удобный для Вас способ связи.

Мы на связи и отвечаем в течение 15 минут
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