Election of the Student self-government President


"On the election of the President of the Student Self-Government"

Student self-government is a form of student participation in the self-government of the Intellectual School, involving the participation of children in solving issues in the organization of the educational process together with the teaching staff and the management of the Intellectual School.

The main goal of the activities of the student self-government bodies of the Intellectual Schools is the realization of the rights of students to participate in the management of the Intellectual Schools, the education of a personality with bright organizational qualities, a leader capable of making decisions, responsible and disciplined, ready to make their own choice and having an active life position in the Intellectual School.

I. General part

  1. This Regulation regulates the preparation and conduct of the election of the President of the student self-government
  2. The election of the school President is based on the free exercise by the student of his right to elect and be elected.
  3. The election of the school President is conducted on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.
  4. The participation of students in the elections is voluntary. No one has the right to force a student to participate or not participate in elections, as well as to restrict his expression of will.
  5. Voters are students of grades 7-12.
  6. Voters participate in the election of the President of the school on an equal basis and each of them has one vote, respectively. They are guaranteed equal rights and conditions of participation in elections.
  7. Voting in the election of the President of the school is secret, excluding the possibility of any control over the will of the voters.

II. School Election Commission

  1. The School Election Commission is the body that prepares and conducts elections at the school.
  2. The school election commission consists of:

– Toktaganov Talgat Kanatovich – physical education teacher;

– Adilbekova Makpal Nurlybekovna – teacher-moderator of the Kazakh language and literature;

– Kulumbetova Elmira Auesbekovna – teacher-organizer-curator;

– Mashanlo Kamilla is a student of the 12th grade, the current President of the student self-government;

– Zhaksylyk Dana – representative of student self-government

– Maratkyzy Ulbolsyn – teacher-organizer-curator.

  1. The activities of the School Election Commission are carried out on the basis of collegiality, transparency and openness.
  2. Meetings of the School Election Commission are competent if at least four members of the commission take part in them.

III. Election of the school President

  1. The election of the school President is held once a year, at the beginning of the school year.
  2. The election of the school President is announced by the Student Self-Government Body in the third decade of September after the report of the current school President on his activities. The announcement is published on the school’s website.
  3. The school president may be a student(s) of the 11th grade of the school, elected in accordance with the procedure established by this Regulation.
  4. The President of the school is elected for a term of one year. The powers of the President are terminated after the election of a new President of the school.
  5. Early termination of the powers of the President of the school is carried out on the basis of termination of studies at this school, at his own request, as well as in case of violation of the Charter of the school, the Charter of the student self-government body.
  6. The right to nominate candidates for the school President belongs to the classes and (or) parallels of the 11th grade.
  7. The nomination of candidates for the school’s President begins on the day following the day of the announcement and is held within 7 calendar days.
  8. The decision on the nomination of candidates for the school President, nominated from classes, is made by a majority vote of the total number of students in the class. The adopted decision is submitted to the School Election Commission.
  9. A candidate for school President may withdraw his candidacy at any time from the date of registration and two days before voting by submitting a written application to the School Election Commission.
  10. The candidate is considered elected:

1) who received more than fifty percent of the votes of the voters who took part in the voting;

2) who, in the repeated voting, has received a greater number of votes of the voters who took part in the voting in comparison with another candidate.

IV. Criteria for the qualifying stage

  1. Fluency in three languages (especially Kazakh).
  2. Absence of remarks of any kind.
  3. Lack of disciplinary action.
  4. Activities list for the last 3 years with confirmation in the form of certificates and diplomas. (Word/Excel/Google sheets/Ppt file)
  5. Excellent academic performance (GPA 4.5/5).
  6. Motivation letter on the topic “Why do I want to become the President of student self-government?” in any of 3 languages. It is advisable to reveal your personal qualities that will help to the president’s mail and ideas for the development of the school.

V. Даты выборов

16.09-19.09. до 18:00 прием заявок

20.09 объявление кандидатов

26.09.-2.10. агитация

3.10. дебаты

4.10.-5.10. сбор голосов

6.10 отчет текущего самоуправления и инаугурация нового Президента ученического самоуправления.

VI. Agitation

  1. Campaigning is an activity aimed at encouraging voters to take part in voting for or against a particular candidate.
  2. Campaigning begins at the end of the registration period of candidates and ends before the voting day. No pre-election campaigning is carried out during repeated voting.
  3. Agitation is carried out:

1) through the mass media;

2) by issuing and distributing printed, audiovisual and other campaign materials;

3) It is prohibited to conduct election campaigning, distribute any election campaign materials to members of the School Election Commission, representatives of the teaching staff and other school staff.

VIІ. Voting procedure

  1. Voting on the election of the President of the school is held on election day from eight to seventeen o’clock local time.
  2. The School Election Commission notifies voters about voting no later than one day before the voting day.
  3. Members of the School Election Commission check the ballot box for integrity, the presence or absence of ballots in it, seal the ballot box.
  4. Voting in the election of the President of the Student Self-government is carried out by ballots.
  5. Students who are in online training vote on the link sent.
  6. Each voter votes personally. The transfer of the right to vote, as well as voting for other persons in elections are not allowed.
  7. The voter puts any mark in an empty square to the right of the name of the candidate for whom he votes. It is not allowed to mark the bulletin with a pencil, as well as to make any corrections to it.
  8. The opening of the ballot box is prohibited until the end of the voting.

VIII. Rules of debate

  1. Debates are held in the British Parliamentary format
  2. The evaluation takes place by the composition of the jury members: Sarymamedov Hassan Alievich, Iskakova Nasibahan Abdumanapovna, Moldabek Elmira Zhandarovna.
  3. The winner of the debate is awarded additional points.

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