“Worship of the native land”

Local history expedition in the direction of studying the activity “Worship of the native land” is a patriotic project. A feature of this educational trip is that intellectual schools get acquainted with the regions of Kazakhstan through the exchange of routes and conduct research. As part of the project, expedition groups will visit all regions of the country and study the flora, fauna, history, culture, innovative objects, and architectural structures of this place.

The expedition will be attended by students of grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 of each region, selected for their achievements in studies, creativity and sports activities. The work of the expedition is aimed at the full result. After the end of the expedition, students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools form a complete picture of the area they study (about its past, present and future), conducting research, conducting interviews, applying the collected material in practice, analysis, a culture of mutual communication in the group, physical and psychological endurance is formed, skills such as independent decision-making and action.

After the end of the expedition, the collected materials will be transferred to the school library for research as part of the expedition, which will take place next academic year.

It has become a tradition to conduct a local history expedition in the direction of research activities “Worship of the native land”.

This project is aimed at getting to know their homeland, getting to know the peculiarities of their native country and its subtleties among students, increasing the sense of patriotism among students.

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