Travel inside the city

October 7 this year for students of the 7th grade of the Intellectual School of Taraz was organized a small excursion to the sights of the Taraz city in order to increase the cognitive interest in the history of the native land, the formation of patriotic feelings and love for the city. During the trip, along with the students were their curators and parents.

During the excursion, the guide of the tourist agency “Altyn Keruen” spoke in details about the history of such cultural, historical and entertainment facilities as: a memorial complex dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, Aisha-bibi, Babaji Khatun, Karakhan Baba mausoleum, Kone Taraz memorial complex, monuments of Baluan Sholak and Koshek Batyr, sport complex “Taraz-Arena”.

The students will share with their received impressions from the excursion in trilingual compositions at school.

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