Projects of Taraz Intellectual school teachers won in Moscow

The projects of Taraz Intellectual school teachers were recognized as winners of the IX International conference-competition “Innovative information and pedagogical technologies in the system of IT education” held in Moscow.

According to the results of the competition organized by the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the project of the biology teacher-expert Inna Aksenova was awarded the winner diploma and a valuable gift. The work of the teacher on the topic “Teaching biology teachers how to interact technological and subject knowledge” aroused special interest among the international jury and participants.

– At the competition, I presented a project aimed at improving the professional competence of teachers and creating conditions for continuous IT education. Also, this project will change the attitude of students to the subject, –shared I. Aksenova.

The work of the teacher-moderator of Informatics from NIS Taraz Julia Pryanichnikova entitled “Electronic manual on the use of Google Earth for teachers of Geography and Economics” was also awarded the prize of the correspondence stage of the competition.

According to teachers, many were interested in the experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools in the organization of the educational process and professional development of teachers.

– After the conference, some contestants expressed their desire to work in Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, as there are all conditions for the effective implementation of modern education tasks, – said Inna Aksenova.

The work of participants who defended projects in three areas was evaluated by an international jury headed by scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.