“Ulytau” shanyrak

Name: “Ulytau” Motto: Ulytau – ulttyn urany, Mangilik eldіn turagy! Curator: Umirzakova Sholpan Kuatbekovna Number of students: 48 Class: 7F, 11V National composition: 41 Kazakhs, 1 Russian, 1 Dungan, 1 Korean, 1 Uighur, 3 Uzbek. Achievements: students of Shanyrak attend such clubs as volleyball, football, choreography and airfield. They take an active part in competitions […]

“Tulpar” shanyrak

Name: “Tulpar” Motto:    Асау тұлпар желдей ескен арыңды, Оқу менен еңбекке сал барыңды   Curator: Кozhakhanova Zhanat Serikbekovna Number of students: 43 Classes: 7 «G», 11 «А» Ethnicities: 48 Kazakhs Achievements: Shanyrak students attend various clubs such as volleyball, football, choreography and vocals. They take an active part in school and extra-curricular activities, also they […]

“Saktar” shanyrak

Name: Saktar Tutor:  Turmakhambetova Nagima Asylbekovna Number of students: 41 Grades: 12 В, 8 D Nationality: 41 kazakh Achievements: Temirbekov Doszhan, 3rd place in mathematics olympiad among Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. Seilkhan Shyngys, «the best attacker» and a medalist of city and regional volleyball competitions Aidarbekova Zhanira, 3rd place, Nurlankyzy Bibigul 1st place in ”KIO” Olympiad. […]

“Kausar” shanyrak

Name: Kausar Motto: We are an educated generation! Curator: Zhumabaev Kuat Kanatovich Number of students: 40 Class: 7A, 10C National composition: 40 Kazakhs Achievements: Shanyrak’s students attend such clubs as volleyball, football, wood carving, choreography and vocals. Very friendly and solid. Actively participate in extracurricular activities and support each other in any endeavors. Students also […]

“Zhas Kyran” shanyrak

Name: Zhas Kyran Motto: Kyrandaj kalyktajmyz, Izdenuden zhalykpajmyz! Curator: Amanbekov Nurbol Amanaki Number of students: 36 Classes: 9 “A”, 11 “F” National composition: 30 Kazakhs, 1 Russian, 3 Koreans, 1 Uzbek, 1 Turk Achievements: Shanyrak students take an active part in school events. They take prizes in regional and national Olympiads and competitions. Diploma of […]

«Daryn» shanyrak

Name: “Daryn” Motto: Forward, young talent On the road of knowledge! Forward, young talent To the top of science!   Curator: Dukebaeva Gulmira Serikovna Number of students: 32 Class: 9C, 12E National composition: Kazakhs-26, Tatars-1, Russians-3, Uzbeks-1, Turks-1. Achievements: “Fall party 2019” winners in the “Golden autumn” category For participation in the First round of […]

“Bolashak” shanyrak

Name: Bolashak Motto: We are the future, we striving upward! Go, go! Our victories are ahead! Curator: Janseitova Elmira Batyrovna Number of students: 56 Grades: 7H, 8F, 12F Ethnicities of shanyrak: 49 Kazakh, 2 Russian, 3 Korean, 1 Tatar, 1 Uzbek. Achievements: the knowledge quality makes up 78% and the academic achievement accounts 100%. Students […]

«Baiterek» shanyrak

Name: Baiterek Motto: We are intelligent students, We want to learn and achieve success, We are witty and talented! And our Shanyrak is Baiterek! Curator: Gulnar Aliyeva Number of students: 38 Grades: 8E, 10E Ethnicities of Shanyrak: Kazakh, Russian, Dungan, Uyghur and Turk. Achievements: An autumn fair “Fall party 2019”, the nomination “Delicious Breakfast”. “Fall […]

“Atameken” shanyrak

Name: “Atameken” Motto: Atameken-our country, the land where he was born. Together we will achieve success! Curator: Abdikalikova Gauhar Maratovna Number of students: 45 Class: 7 V, 10 D National composition: 43 Kazakhs, 1 Korean, 1 Ukrainian ; Achievements: “Tugan elge tagzym” Diploma nomination “Fall party” “Makal-matel” competition, diploma 3rd place “Healthy generation – the […]