More than 60 Taraz teachers attended the workshop in NIS

Today,  more than 60 classroom teachers of Taraz secondary schools have familiarized with the organization of educational work in Intellectual schools.

Vice Principal Aisha Zholdasbekova welcomed  the participants and wished them good luck:

– We tried to make the seminar program as informative and useful as possible for you. We hope that the knowledge gained today will be useful in your work and will give results. We are always ready to provide you with methodological support, said Aisha Kaldybayevna.

Teachers took part in a master class on “Service to society”, curatorial hours “Ethical values in national education” and “Good deeds that change the world”, which were held by teachers-curators of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school.

Also Tutors of the NIS dorm held a number of educational hours. During them, students of the Intellectual school, the elderly, children from special correctional centers and participants of the seminar performed tasks and creative works together.

During the “Fun exercises” training, teachers-psychologists of the Intellectual school created a favorable environment for guests and shared various psychological methods and techniques necessary for the teacher’s practice.

– We worked together with students during the seminar. Noticed that local teachers have harmonious relationships with children, creative methods of education, and even their intonation is different. As a young specialist, I took a few tips for myself. I especially liked the format of curatorial hours, – shared the opinion a young teacher, a participant of the seminar.